Toledo Junior Golf Association

Frank Stranahan Boy's Player of the Year

The Toledo Junior Golf Association presents it’s annual “Player of the Year Award” in the name of the great Frank Stranahan.

One of Frank’s early highlights of his distinguished golf career was in Toledo in 1940 when he won the Toledo District Golf Associations Junior Championship. The next two years he captured back to back Ohio Amateur Championships. In the following years Frank won many very prestigious amateur events including the British Amateur in 1948 and 1950, the World Amateur Championship five straight years from 1950 to 1954, as well as the Western, Mexican, Canadian and North and South Amateur Championships, each on at least one occasion.

In 1947, as an amateur, he finished second in both The Masters and the British Open and was runner-up again in the 1953 British Open. Frank was voted outstanding amateur in the United States in 1948 and was also a member of the United States Walker Cup Team.

He turned professional in 1954 and compiled a successful record by winning the L.A. Open in 1958 and placing high in other professional events.

Just as Frank Stranahan, the recipient of this award must not only have fine playing abilities, but more important, they must display those qualities of fair play, honesty, respect for fellow competitors, sportsmanship and dedication.

The 2019 TJGA season saw Clay High School's Senior, Palmer aye Rick dominated tournaments and the point system. Winning several tournaments and with consistent high level of play, he was able to win this Player of the Yearward! We congratulate Palmer and look forward to watching his outstanding play for many years as a member of the University of Toledo Men's Golf Team.


Palmer Yenrick
Clay High School 


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